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Debate 10C Should there be the following change to the voting system in the UK:
- a new minimum voting age of 16?

Please answer Yes, No or Undecided and add a sentence or two (only please!) to explain why you have voted the way you have.

Please let me have your answers by Friday.

I put your responses in my website as soon as possible after they are received, so you can see what other people are saying.




1. 16 too young for politics which many adults consider a dirty word

2. No, some 16 year olds may be very intelligent but they have no life experience whatsoever, which should be the major criteria to vote.
Age 21 or even 25 would be more appropriate.

3. No - can see the argument that it is their future but 18 is better
- with more maturity and some experience

4. No Change

5. Ages right for usual elections but younger people should have say in referendums that effect their future more than older peoples.

6. No....because 16 year olds are generally too young and not politically aware and probably vote the way they are told rather than making an informed choice.

7. No. Would prefer minimum age of 21 as most are not mature enough at 16.

8. No.. as they don't have enough life experience or maturity

9. 16 is far too young. Kids still influenced by peers and teachers and not experienced at all in life outside school and education.

10. No.

11-12. No, 16 year olds in general, do not have enough worldly experience or wisdom.

13. No.

Review of Week

13 replies which is really good.

No one wanted this change.

We felt that voters should have some maturity and experience of life for which 18 is adequate.

Some wanted 21 or 25 (tin hats all round for that one I think!

Colin Bower
16 May 2020

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