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Discussion Group

Online Debates

During the coronavirus restrictions, the Discussion Group are conducting some weekly debates using e-mail & phone for submitting answers which are being summarised in this website.

Initially we circulated 12 general/timeless questions for debate to which members of the Group added new quesions:

General/Timeless Questions

Since then we have moved on to Discussion-type questions and topical questions including questions linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

Previous Debates

Feedback on our previous debates has been summarised in a separate page:

Previous Debates

Last Week's Debate

Question linked to Coronavirus without a Vote

12A-B. During the lockdown, many activities/behaviour have stopped or been severely curtailed:

A. Foreign Travel including cruises
B. Sport
C. GP/Hospital attendance for non-coronavirus reasons
D. Eating out
E. Meeting friends and family
F. Use of public transport

12A. What other activities/behaviour that were stopped or severely curtailed (max 3) would you add to the list?

Debate 12A - Additional activities/behaviour stopped or curtailed

12B. Which of these changes on the list, plus your additions, do you think will return to "normal" levels after the lockdown?

Debate 12B - Activities/Behaviour that will return to "normal"

Current Debate

Debate 13

General Questions without a Vote

13A - Does music blasting out in shops and stores, particularly at Christmas, make you spend more, less or the same money (i.e. the music doesn’t bother you)?

Debate 13A - Loud Music in Shops & Stores

13B - Who wants to be a Millionaire! Would you like to win £1m? Please answer Yes or No and add a few sentences on why you would or would not. ?

Debate 13B - Who wants to be a Millionnaire?

General Question with vote

13C - (a) Should you be able to believe everything you read in nespapers? and
13D (b) Can you believe everything you read in newspapers? ?

Debate 13C - Should you be able to believe everything you read in newspapers?

Debate 13D - Can you believe everything you read in newspapers?

Future Questions

Future questions will be chosen for discussion (without a vote) or debate.

Questions for Discussion without a Vote

Questions linked to Coronavirus

1."We will be paying the bill for coronavirus for 50 years"

When we have come out of lockdown, should we start to repay the substantial increase in Government borrowing?

If so, should there be:

a. a return to austerity/reduced Government spending? or
b. higher taxes/increased Government spending? or
c. reduced taxes/increased Government spending?
d. none of these

2. What actions should the Government & other organisations take to retain the community spirit shown during the pandemic?

3. Will the economy change after Covid 19 and if so how?

4. During the lockdown, there has been a marked increase in the following activities/behaviour:

A. Video-conferencing/home education
B. Take-aways and home deliveries of groceries
C. Exercise
D. Community spirit
E. Appreciation of the NHS
F. Air Quality

What other increases in activities/behaviour (max 3) would you add to the list?

Which of these changes on the list plus your additions do you think will stay at this increased level after the restrictions are lifted?

5. Greece has opened its borders to holidaymakers from 29 countries. Is excluding the UK an indictment on our handling of covid 19?


Other Subjects

6.If the reduction in car use shows a drop in carbon % will this increase the interest in electronic cars, which would we prefer, electric, hydrogen or other fuel alternatives.

7. In what order of importance should the following Great Britons be placed:
- Charles Darwin
- Lennon & McCartney
- Florence Nightingale
- Alan Turin?

8. Does China's
- tightening grip on Hong Kong,
- reneging on the one country two systems agreement,
- clashes on the Indian -Chinsee borders,
- a top military general saying force could be used to reclaim Taiwan
auger threats to world peace?

Questions for Debate with a vote

Questions linked to Coronavirus

1. Should the Government pass legislation to prevent companies from increasing prices and profiting from the pandemic?

2. Once lessons are learned from the pandemic, should the government assemble a permanent task force, responsible for equipping the NHS and planning the logistics of such a disaster in future?

3. Does unprecedented state intervention on a massive scale demonstrate that unfettered capitalism, just like unfettered socialism has failed?

4. "The economic downturn will disproportionately harm the health of the most vulnerable in society and exacerbate inequality."

Should welfare benefits be substantially increased on health grounds?

5. Should we have kept garden centres open as Holland did?

6. Should professional sport restart?

7. Will anyone book a holiday for this Summer?

8. Will we manufacture more goods in the UK in future?

9. Will the coronavirus outbreak lead to some nationalisation by the backdoor?

10. Does the diverging strategy employed by the 4 nations in dealing with Covid 19 herald an increasing sense of separation and expedite independence?

11. We have been asked to self isolate to save the NHS and we have. Pubs and clubs have closed and A&E has not been overcrowded with drunks in need of emergency care.

To continue to save A&E, should government now admit that the all-night drinking policy has failed miserably and close pubs at midnight?

12. Can the great British public be expected to observe self isolation and lockdown rules if those who are instrumental in drafting them flout them with impunity?

13. After the Cummings debacle, will the publiuc (a) listen and (b) obey the instructioins on Track & Trace?

Other Subjects

14. Is it time to admit that we cannot provide NHS care to everyone free at the point of delivery?

15. Should education focus on maths & science rather than music & art?

16. Should employers be required to hire 50%  male and 50% female employees?

17. Is imprisonment against a person's human rights?

18. After a difficult beginning does Boris Johnson have the political nous and intuition necessary or is he a one-cause chap and now floundering under pressure?

19. Would we all pay more for goods and services if it would make us more self-sufficient?

20. “We are ending free movement to open Britain up to the world”.

Is this a good time for the Government to be planning an end to freedom of movement?

21. Does Priti Patel's points-driven immigration bill (which would mean her parents wouldn't have got in!) an implicit admission that:
- the UK has failed to produce sufficient high calibre people and
- equally does it send an unmistakable signal to the black and minority communities, who are over-represented in "essential" occupations such as,

- NHS workers,
- hospital cleaners and
- delivery drivers,

that they are not valued.

Colin Bower
1 June 2020

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