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Discussion Group

Debate 12A. During the lockdown, many activities/behaviour have stopped or been severely curtailed:

A. Foreign Travel including cruises
B. Sport
C. GP/Hospital attendance for non-coronavirus reasons
D. Eating out
E. Meeting friends and family
F. Use of public transport

12A. What other activities/behaviour that were stopped or severely curtailed (max 3) would you add to the list?

Please let me have your answers by Friday following which I will add them to my website and circulate summaries of your feedback next Wednesday.


1. Visits to Dentist
Shopping for Non--Essentials

2. Community groups
Holidays in UK

3. Public toilets
Overnight stays at address other than home
Car servicing.

4. Barber’s shop
Stationers and
‘ear’ syringing.

5. Visits to hairdressers,
Dentists and
Chiropodists stopped.

6. Clubs and societies such as drama groups,
scrabble groups and discussion groups

7. Supermarket shopping (I’m shielded) - grateful thanks to Tesco for home deliveries every 2/3 weeks.

Being “cared for” does not come easily to me and as for being vulnerable....well!

8. Playing bowls which is exercise and A social event

Discussion group! Actual rather than virtual

Going shopping normally at say Tesco, instead of filling in online lists

Just going out for the day without feeling anxious each time anyone comes near

9. Taxis

Discussion Group and

Meeting up with people

Really missing out

My routine

Review of Week

Between us we have listed over 20 activities/behaviour that have been stopped or severely curtailed.

I expect that if we brainstormed the question we would have come up with many more.

It is quite extraordinary just how much we have given up.

Glad to see a few of you mentioned missing the Discussion Group!

Colin Bower
29 May 2020

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